I wasn’t ready to give Marco what he deserved, but Marco didn’t want it from me anyway. He just wanted me back as his friend, and he had Thomas.

It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing.

I fell in love with Marco watching him fall in love with someone else. Watching him get ready for a date. Watching him blush at Thomas’s sweeping corny gestures. Watching him touch someone in that tender way that he did.

Even if I wasn’t already eyebrow deep in this unrequited love bullshit, I would have fallen in love with Marco for that. For his cheesy flirting and his shyness. For his encouragement and his respect. For the little noise he made whenever he got kissed, because he was always kinda surprised that someone would want to kiss him.

At least someone was kissing him. Even if it wasn’t me, right? Right?


Forget Me Not by butterflychansan (ch.5)

Thomas was the perfect gentleman. The kid held doors open and returned text messages promptly and came up with dumb reasons to come visit, knocking on the door of our room just to see him, to give him something or ask him about his homework. He kissed him whenever he had an excuse, he would’ve kissed him in front of the whole damn school, he didn’t care who saw. And that was what Marco deserved.

Marco deserved to be kissed. In public, on a date, in a movie theatre, on his doorstep, in the rain, on his birthday, on a random Tuesday afternoon, in front of the Eiffel Tower, every day.


Forget Me Not by butterflychansan (Ch. 5)

Ning Zetao, the gold champion of the 2014 Asian Games,

50 m Freestyle
100 m Freestyle
4x100 m Freestyle relay
4x100 m Medley relay

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KnB Boyfriends: Hanamiya Makoto Edition (insp.)



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They couldn’t resist taking a peek at their team captain’s tan lines.

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